I Started Offering Portrait Sessions

I Am Excited!

I collected a few things that I needed for my old canon with money from the tax refund. I was a little unsure about my camera, but got some reassurance from friends, professionals and even a nod from one of my Uber clients, a photographer that shows his work in New York. He said it best, that old  equipment works just fine, even you phones camera captures great images. It more about the eye of the photographer.

I offered ‘pay what you can” to gain experience. My first session was with Kasey and Penelope. A mother and seven month old.  I got quiet a few great shots, but I could not get Penelope to smile. And what I remember in working was that I was spending a lot of time making sure that it was in focus and getting the composition the way I wanted it, playing with the lighting and the flash, but I didn’t come from behind the camera and get her to smile. All it would take , I think, is a little but of peekaboo, and I would get it.

This was my first ever people session outside of my family. I have a few more on the books for movement professionals in Yoga and Hooping and a pregnancy session. I m excited to share those experiences with you, Stay Tuned.

With her permission, here is a link to my work with Kasey and Penelope:


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Want Portraits?   Lets Make It Happen!


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