Movement Artist

Once Upon a Time… I spent a lot of time within Hoop Dance. I literally traveled the world because of a hula hoop. I still have a hard time believing that it all went down.

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Before Hooping, I was an incredibly introverted, shy, often depressed and unsure of myself and also unsure of how I got to that point.  Learning to hoop brought me out of an unhealthy isolation. I loved it so much. I found a space to physically release and express myself through movement and all this inside a space that also supplied time for thoughts about life to flow, unravel and heal.
The practice of hooping left me so hungry to discover more.  So much so, that I was willing to endure a good deal scoffing and I am sure ridicule, in order to claim space for it in a conventional environment. Facilitating Space for the practice and gathering of hoopers was one of the great joys of my life. I still teach. I offer one on one instruction and I hope to teach more again someday. because I know to never claim that I will never do “something” ever again. But for right now, my focus has been pulled toward creating, expressing and building other areas of life and livelihood.
I Love Hoopers and I will always Hoop.

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