Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time I spent a lot of time within the community of Hoop Dance. I literally traveled the world because of a hula hoop. I still have a hard time believing that it all went down BECAUSE It was an amazing ERA IN MY LIFE. I TRAVELED, TAUGHT AND PREFORMED FOR OVER TEN YEARS. these DAYS I AM CONCENTRATING OF VISUAL ART, BUT I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CREATIVE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

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Before Hooping, I was an incredibly introverted, shy, often depressed and unsure of myself and also unsure of how I got to that point.  Learning to hoop brought me out of an unhealthy isolation. I loved it so much. I found an activity to physically release and express myself through movement.  All this inside a space that also supplied time for thoughts about my life to flow, unravel and heal.
The practice of hooping left me so hungry to discover more.  So much so, that I was willing to endure a good deal scoffing and I am sure ridicule, in order to claim space for it in a conventional environment. Facilitating Space for the practice and gathering of hoopers was one of the great joys of my life.  Sadly, I am currently retired from instruction and performing but continue to hoop for myself.
When you find an artist that you love, do everything you can to support them. The system we live in makes life too hard for artists of any sort. We sacrifice a lot to put ourselves out there and at a certain point in a life span the body can not live without the security of a livable income and insurance. Living in the constructs that supply those securities as a creative is not easy on our mental and spiritual state, but that the way it is. It shouldn’t be so hard to put beauty and inspiration into the world.

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