Lynn Spencer-Nelson ~ Self-taught artist

I am new to presenting work publicly but I have been painting and creating, one way or another, throughout my life. From my home studio in Central Indiana I produce work in many forms.

  Originals and Fine Art Prints , JewelryPortraits ~ Photographed or PaintedMurals and Tapestries that move with you. I also create Seasonal and Home Decorations and Wearable Art.

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I love to work with my hands and my hands love to do many different things. No matter what I am doing, I try to produce work that is appealing and accessible by creating toward many price points. I also play with unusual or re-utilized materials and objects.

I have learned a lot about myself within the practice and expressions of Hoop Dance. It pushed me through in many ways, but mostly importantly it taught me how to expand out my shell and continue to step out of my comfort zone. Hooping taught me how to talk to people and to engage about something that was important to me. To discuss my passions directly. Without hooping I would not be putting myself out there, like this today.

I still offer personal training. Find out more ~ Movement Artist

Visit the (somewhat archived) Sister Site ~


Looking for More ~ Read More About Lynn and Visit My Blog.

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