Today I started a long overdue project to collect, display and write about all the ways that I have been creating in this life.


I have a life time of artwork to yet to show you, I have pages of writing to share and a heartfull of ups and downs to put down along the way. Offering all the ways that I love to express using mind, body and soul. I hope that you will enjoy what you find in these pages and posts and that you will visit me often as I continue.

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Shooting at the other School ~ “It’s the day after. Exactly 24 hours actually. It affected me way more than I thought it would. Unfortunately what would happen during a school shooting has been in the front of our thoughts as a society. So when it began to happen here it almost didn’t seem real.”




I Started Offering Portrait Sessions ~ “I collected a few things that I needed for my old canon with money from the tax refund. I was a little unsure about my camera, but got some reassurance from friends, professionals and even a nod from one of my Uber clients, a photographer that shows his work in New York. He said it best, that old  equipment works just fine, even your phones camera captures great images. It more about the eye of the photographer.”  

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